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Curzon Memories is a smartphone app which provides a tour of the inside and outside of the Curzon Cinema, in Clevedon, on the west coast of England. The app emerges from the work of DCRC researcher Charlotte Crofts, and explores how pervasive media can enhance the cinema’s new exhibition of the Curzon Collection and the cinema’s history (which has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund).

Curzon Memories uses GPS location coordinates and QR code cues to trigger dramatisations and oral memories about the history of the building. The app has launched on the iTunes store for iPhone this week.

I’ve been involved in helping to document some of the project, and the video above is interviews and test footage I shot and edited earlier this year. There’s also a short promotional video for the app on the way.

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General Update

So its been months since I got round to writing a blog post… Basically I’ve been busily trying to do a million and one other things, and sadly keeping this site updated has fallen to the bottom of my to do list, with finishing my phd (which is coming along quite well), a load of teaching, making films, giving talks, writing journal articles and conference papers, and peer reviewing journal articles being the things which mainly been taking up my time.

The next month or so looks quite unrelentingly hectic, but hopefully I’ll start making time to blog again after that… We’ll see


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