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A New Year

So we’re into 2011 with the customary hangover and borderline nocturnal lifestyle…

Looking back at 2010 it was a year of big changes for me in a really good way; January saw operation no.4 on my knee, involving the addition of synthetic ligaments to stabilise things, which thankfully has panned out pretty well. Consequently the rest of the year was more-or-less a period of recovery and rediscovering a plethora of things I haven’t been able to do since the start of 2008 (like walking without crutches).

So the plan for 2011… Keep working on my physical health, finish a draft of my PhD, get back into the habit of juggling work, study and social life. And maybe blog a bit. After nearly three years of feeling like my life was going nowhere and I was stuck in an endless cycle of pain, painkillers and immobility, it’s great to be able to have plans again



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